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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sejarah Hello Kitty

Assalamualaikum W.R.T & Salam Sejahtera

Post ni CN copy paste je dari ..

Jomla daftar kat HELLO KITTY GILA SALES.. syiookk wo..die bg calender..recipe la..mcm2! suka2!


Below is the history of how Hello Kitty started to this world, and for your information Hello Kitty is actually born at 1974! Let’s start to have a look at below:

The First Hello Kitty
This design was featured on the very first Kitty item, the petit purse, which is of course a collector’s item now! In fact, at this time, Kitty didn’t even have a name. She was named Hello Kitty in 1975.

Kitty’s Family
Kitty lives together with her papa the business man, her mama who makes the world’s best apple pie, and her slightly shy twin sister Mimmy.

Standing Pose Series
The first time Kitty stands up! With this scene Kitty’s world got a whole lot bigger!
The company Sanrio took the job of the main distributor and owner of Hello Kitty. Sanrio welcomed and celebrated Hello Kitty by creating a new pose for Hello Kitty. Instead of just a sitting pose, they made Hello Kitty a standing pose.

Airplane Series
Kitty starts to try new things! Riding rocking horses, cars, and even airplanes, cheerful Kitty is always looking for new adventures.

Kitty Rides A Dolphin
Airplane and roller coaster rides marked the introduction of a more active Kitty. She even rode a dolphin once!
Kind Kitty and the friendly dolphin, they surely got along just fine!

Kitty’s Family
Kitty’s grandpa likes to paint, and her grandma’s hobby is embroidery. They live just a little way from Kitty’s town.

Tennis Series
Kitty gets dressed up in tennis wear to reflect the sport’s popularity at the time.

Kitty’s Town Series
Kitty loses her outline, giving her a softer and more fashionable appearance.

Teddy Bear Series
This design best represents the outline-less Kitty. It also marked the first appearance of her beloved teddy bear!

Gingham Check Series
The first Gingham check design.
The thin red lines suit Kitty perfectly!

Radish Series
Kitty turns 10 years old! Though only young, she was already a superstar by now.

Country Series
Kitty gained a lot more grown up fans with this American country-style design.

Vivid Series
Kitty’s face is used alone as a kind of emblem. The vivid and very Kitty-like red and white contrast proved very popular.

Monotone Series
This new-look Kitty gave fans a surprise with her roughed up outline in monotone, which was popular at the time.

Tartan Check Series
The tartan in this design was a hint to the apparel of Japanese pop rock band The Checkers, who were all the rage in 1988. Tartan also suits Kitty who was, after all, born in England.

Comic Series
The first comic-style design. Fans were crazy for this story showing Kitty’s playful side.

Dot Series
Kitty shows off a trendier aspect with these fashionable polka dots while enjoying her beloved honey vanilla ice cream.

Flower Series
The Flower Series took the world by storm in ’91, and consisted of the above design as well as a chic monochromatic version, both of which were hugely popular. This series marked the start of variations to Kitty’s trademark ribbon.

Cherry & Hibiscus Series
Kitty motifs such as fruit, flowers and hearts etc. were arranged in a repeating pattern, each a vital element in the overall design.

Baby Kitty Series
Designed with baby apparel and other baby goods in mind. This is the debut of Kitty’s first love, Daniel! Daniel moved overseas for his father’s work. Even when far apart, Kitty and Daniel stayed connected by writing cards to each other.

Summer Sunflower Series
Orange and yellow was used this much for the first time, along with a sunflower motif to reproduce that summer feeling.

Face Series
A simple design featuring an enlarged Kitty face. At the time, this series was super popular.

Pearl Series
Kitty with the hibiscus became such a hit that at the time you could often see girls with the same flower in their hair walking about town.

Strawberry Series
With a design targeting younger age groups, this series had a clean, hygienic theme and was used on products with disinfectant, anti-odor etc. properties.

Cherry Series
Cherry Kitty is a regular these days. This was the first design for a series aimed at newly employed female office workers.

Fairy Series (Goddess)
Hello Kitty is the Goddess of Friendship.
Kitty wants to use her role as friendship symbol to keep spreading the importance of friendship around the world.

Fairy Series (Flower)
As we close in on the 21st century, Kitty the world idol will keep sending you all messages full of hope and dreams!

Rose Series
Roses would have to be the perfect flower for Kitty, and the colorful roses on her ears fit just perfectly!

Park Series
Simple and slightly retro sums up this design. In fact, simple and slightly retro might even sum up why Kitty has remained so popular for this long. What do you think?

Tomato Series
Tomatoes are the motif of this fresh n cute series.

Pastel Series
In 2004 we celebrated 30 years of Hello Kitty and her growth into a character loved by young and old, all over the world. Here’s to the next 30 years and all the friendships it will bring!

Pink Ribbon Series
This design is the first to show Kitty in her role as ambassador for the Pink Ribbon Festival

Pink Bear Series
Kitty cuddling her beloved pink teddy bear gives this design it’s gentle charm.

Angel and Devil Series
Sweet like an angel or cheeky as a devil. Which are you?

Silhouette Series
Kitty appears a little more grown up in this novel silhouette design.

Glasses Series
A big sparkly pair of glasses makes for a chic look with impact!

Alice Series
Straight out of wonderland, the sense of wonder in this design adds yet another aspect to Kitty’s multifaceted persona. Also features Kitty’s pet Charmmy, no fashion slouch herself!

p/s: CN suke 2009 punye! comel..hihi

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